Today, Bob and Delores, Carol, and I drove to Sagres to see the fortress and then up to Carrepateria to view the rugged coastline named the Trail of the Tides. We did get a little lost on the way to Sagres, but once the GPS understood our corrected destination, we were on our way.

As it was nearing lunch, the fortress was a quick stop - peckishness radiated from Bob and Carol. The lunch stop special was Mixed Fried Fish, and I still do not understand why I ordered it - a plate of heads, tails, and bones. The sign said it was Sea Bream and Swordfish, and I suppose it was.

Carrepateria was just as beautiful as I remember it. Here are some of the best photos (don't forget to click on the 1st one to enlarge the group):

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Hania Rani


I am not certain what kind of music this is - "experimental" perhaps. Hania has composed quite a bit of music for the movie industry. I kinda like this music.

I posted a video of Alexandra Streliski a few months ago. At the time I said that she is the reason think that Christofori invented the piano. This is her performing some original work. Alexandra has been called a "neoclassical" musician. She prefers to be called "neoromantic". Regardless, my opinion remains the same.

I am working on a collection of biographies of family ancestors. These can be found by clicking on "Bios" in the main menu bar above.

The first bio that I am announcing is for my great-great-grandfather, Jamieson Smith. Jamieson's daughter Matilda married Edwin Appleton in Markham, Ontario, in 1858. Edwin and Matilda named my grandfather Frederick Jamieson Appleton after his grandfather Jamieson Smith.

Old Jamieson's Death Register entry states that Jamieson was a member of the British 83 Regiment of Foot. Jamieson's bio includes an overview of the history of the 83rd Regiment, highlighting the period when he was enrolled. The "83rd" played an essential role in the 19th-century history of Canada.

Jamieson Smith 1810-1881

I have just added a collection of old photos of My Williams Aunts and Uncles to the Record Photos section of this website. I have added galleries for Aunt Iva, Muriel, Morgan, and Aunt Mabel. For now, this completes that generation (although as I find new photos of each, I will post them.) I left out pictures of my mother because I had already included them in the collection for my parents - Llewellyn Walter Appleton and Erena Alice Williams

I had heard this a long time ago on YouTube, but lost it - could not remember their name, even forgot the name of the song. All I could remember was that he was a brilliant pop guitarist and that she was a decent singer. It popped into my stream again this over the weekend and I listened to it a few times. I still like it - not thrilled with the effects on her voice, but . . . . I have not been able to discover much about them as the only Wikipedia entry for them is in Swedish and their personal websites are thin. We will likely never see them live. The Gig list shows a number of private events, hotel lounges, and clinics. I like.

BTW: Song written by Joni Mitchell

I have just posted a new collection of photos in Record Photos

This collection is older photos of my Appleton Grandparents Frederick Jamieson Appleton and Margaret Beattie (Scott). To view this collection Click to View

When I am working on old photographs or shaking the family tree, it is sometimes relaxing to plug in some headphones and let Youtube play in the background. I select a couple of songs, and Youtube generates a playlist and spins through them. Here is a performer that I had not heard before. I liked it enough to stop the player and replay this song a couple of times. Not only is it a great song, but they harmonize pretty, pretty well.

I have just posted a new collection of photos in Record Photos

This collection is older photos of my parents Lew Appleton and Alice (Williams) Appleton. To view this collection Click to View

Sabine McCalla


I have just posted a new movie clip in Home Movies

Mom and Dad's 25th Wedding Anniversary (Appleton),(Williams) - Irene, Bradley, my Grandfather Sam Williams, and my Williams aunts and uncles - Mabel, Mom, Mrytle, Iva, - Clare, Ira, Emery and Dad. Click to Play