Williams Aunts and Uncles

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Florence Myrtle (Williams) Culp, Jan 24, 1898 - Sep 7, 1987

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Clarence Albert Williams, Jan 16, 1900 - Mar 6, 1977

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Iva Merriel (Williams) Baldwin, Mar 9, 1902 - Oct 30, 1960

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Muriel Olene Williams, Jun 11, 1904 - Sep 1905

I believe this to be the only photo of Muriel. She was only 14 months old when she died. Muriel was buried near Sam and Ada at Glen Meyer.

1905-14.jpg 1905-85.jpg

William Morgan Williams, Jul 8, 1906 - Jun 3, 1918

Morgan was 12 years old when he drowned in the creek at the back of the farm that Samuel and Ada rented on the Ridge Road outside Eden. Morgan is buried near Sam and Ada at Glen Meyer.

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Mabel Kathaleen (Williams) Kernohan, May 8, 1910 - Nov 3, 1991

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