Anne's Carmelcrisp

The Anne's Carmelcrisp business owned by my parents was a very important part of my early life. I will be posting all of the photographs of the business that are in my possession.

1st Generation Carmelcrisp trailer, 1934 Ford Tractor, Mom and Dad with Tim Mom and Tim Mom and Dad with Tim on the running board Mom and Dad with Tim and the crazy hat 1st Generation, removable awnings with canvas, black roof, arched windows - it was built from a school bus. 1935-1945 1935-1945 Somewhere between Cochrane and Nipigon 1935-1945. At this time the road ended in Cochrane and to go further north the entire show had to loaded on rail cars.Most years Kapuskasing and Geralton were on the summer circuit. Waiting for Irene in North Bay, abt 1948 - Irene and later me always remained in school until exams for the year were finished, then we would travel north to meet the show. Usually we were delivered by relatives, Irene got to fly into North Bay once, buses were used once we were old enough to travel on our own. I took the train from Toronto to Cochrane. It was the Ontario Northland local from North Bay to Cochrane and it was a very long and tedious ride. Location unknown 1045 Hamilton Rd, London abt 1950 1045 Hamilton Rd, london abt 1950 Eatonville (Aunt Mabel's Gas Station) Eatonville, Aunt Mabel and Mom Street Fair in Tillsonburg Norfolk County Fairgrounds, Steam Show 1971 20 21 22 23 Stationary unknown unknown 27 28 29 31 32 33 34 From the store at Richmond and Dundas. Terry Grey, abt 1947 Mom and Carol, abt 1971 1930s Trailer